photo2Photography has been a passion of mine ever since I received my first digital camera as a Christmas present in 2002.  Over the years, I’ve honed my skills by learning on my own and experimenting with different techniques.  After all, the most fun is to getting to play with your toys.

An ideal day for me would be getting up early, then overcoming a physical/logistical challenge (climbing a steep mountain, bike a riding deep into a dark swamp), all to catch the first glint of light cresting the horizon.  As much as I love sleeping in, nothing compares to the thrill of capturing amazing scenery…cloaked in the glowing rays of the early morning sun.

When not making images, I spend my time with my family or working as a professional in the construction industry.  The work is challenging, but I have gained a lot from it, especially the work ethic.

Originally raised and schooled in the deep South, I followed work and my wife to Virginia, more specifically to the national capital region.  I’m glad I’m here.

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