A Damp Morning in Shenandoah

I had originally been planning a hike to one of the top sights in the George Washington National Forest to take sunrise pictures.  So, when the weather forecast began to call for clouds, I began to make alternative plans.  I awoke on Sunday morning and made a quick check of current satellite observations of cloud cover, they confirmed the weather forecasts: 100% cloud cover = no sunrise.  I almost went back to bed, but decided to get out anyways and head up to Shenandoah National Park. As much as photographers love early morning lighting, cloudy days are also nice due to their “even” lighting.  I arrived at the top of the mountains, greeted with off and on drizzle, which helped ensure that I was the only one out that early.  Most notably, there were low hanging wispy clouds in the valley, which always makes for interesting photography.  It was a great morning: hiking to mountain tops, waterfalls, and fern forests.  Yet another instance that I was glad I got out of bed at 3:00.

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