Virginia is for [landscape] photographers

Anyone who has driven through the Shenandoah Valley within 2 hours of sunset knows how phenomenal this area can be for photography. I’ve always thought how much I’d love to have a place in the central Shenandoah Valley and drive around to photograph old farms and the surrounding hillsides. Over the next year, I plan on highlighting the varied terrain and flora of the Commonwealth. It truly is a four season state, each season bringing it’s own unique beauty. I consider ourselves extremely fortunate to live in such a beautiful area. Within 15 minutes of driving/walking from my house, I can be at some truly beautiful (and unique) places. For the moment we’ll stick to the 3 sets of pictures taken over the last 2 weekends. The first set is of the upper Shenandoah Valley taken at sunset from the Appalachian Trail at the top of Blue Ridge. Which, for reference is a 45 minute drive from my house in suburban metro Washington. How cool is that?

Speaking of suburban metro Washington, we live in the planned community of Reston, which is famous for its green space. That and it truly is a great community to live in (I personally love all of the running trails).

The 3rd set is of the northern portion of the George Washington National Forest and Shenandoah National Park. I love the contrast of the agricultural land next to preserved federal lands.

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