The Cherry Blossoms

One of my favorite things about the National Capital and the Mid-Atlantic region are the 4 very distinct seasons…each season with beauty of its own.  I still think fall here is prettier, but Spring certainly doesn’t disappoint.  I was fortunate enough to capture  the region’s most famous spring site on not just one, but 2 mornings this past weekend.  The first set of pictures was from Sunday morning, which was clearly the best morning for photography.

This next set was from Saturday morning.  I was fortunate to have my wife along with me.  In addition to enjoying her company, this proved to be a huge help, as she helped me navigate with my equipment (in addition to helping me set up shots) through the throngs and throngs of people.  It seemed like as if every photographer who either lived in or was visiting Washington was on the West flank of the Tidal Basin…I’d never seen so much professional camera equipment in one place (easily exceeding $1million, just from what I saw)!  Fortunately, I had already found my ideal location on a previous winter morning shoot (when no one was around), so we headed straight there.

One of the few benefits of being around throngs of friendly people (some A LOT friendlier than others) is the free exchange of information with the friendlier individuals. Fortunately for me, one of these individuals suggested that I go to a neighborhood in Bethesda that has streets lined with the same species of cherry tree.  Ironically, I drive by this neighborhood every day on my way to work, but have never driven through there (except in the dead of winter).  So after the best light around the tidal basin began to wane, it was time to head over to the Kenwood neighborhood in Maryland.  Here are some of the results:

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