Coming Home to South Carolina

Maybe it’s the fact that I spent my college years in the Palmetto State.  Maybe it’s the friendly and welcoming people.  Maybe it’s the beauty of the lowcountry.  Maybe it’s the wonderful lowcountry cooking.  Or maybe it’s all of these, combined with all the times that I spent hanging out with friends down here.  The area around Charleston will always feel like home to me. While only down for a short visit to attend my college roommate’s wedding, I wanted to capture some of the area’s immense beauty and character.

The first set of images is of some of the area’s vibrant waterways…not only is the seafood tasty, it must be plentiful, as evidenced by the numerous birds that fish all of the local bodies of water.

While we didn’t have enough time to make it to many historical sites, we were staying next to Charles Pickney’s (Signer of the Constitution and SC Governor) home which is now preserved by the National Park Service.  Additionally, we were able to make it to Boone Hall Plantation.

Cypress Gardens, one of the area’s many beautiful spaces, is an interesting place.  It’s basically a swamp ringed by some beautifully landscaped gardens.  They even have a few alligators that live in the swamp!

While not in Charleston and not really in the lowcountry, the Congaree Swamp is the largest old-growth bottomland forest in the state.  While it is well out of the way, it is really worth visiting.  Now preserved as Congaree National Park, the swamp boasts the largest and tallest trees East of the Rocky Mountains.

Unlike the water table, family roots run deep in the lowcountry.  Here I am (way in the back row) with my Clemson family.

Clemson Family

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