Why I Love PA

Pennsylvania has a rich, varied history in our nation. Here are my top ten of off-the-beaten-path sights to enjoy in this great state.

1. Beautiful landscapes.


2. A “keystone” of American history.

Sunset near Little Roundtop at Gettysburg.
Sunset at Gettysburg, near Little Roundtop

3. Wildlife.

Bull elk in Elk State Forest.

4. Cold winters.

January sunrise over the Susquehanna at Holtwood Dam
January sunrise over the Susquehanna at Holtwood Dam.

5. Unexpected surprises.

Entrance to a partially completed rail tunnel in Tuscarora State Forest.

6. Beautiful forests.

Unfortunately the state’s tree (the Eastern Hemlock) is currently being killed in mass numbers due to the hemlock wooly adelgid, which is the case up and down the East Coast. See these beautiful forests while you can!

7. Long-lived traditions.


8. Railroads, such as the railroad shops of the East Broad Top Railroad in Oribsonia.

9. “Gritty” places.

10. They have a historical marker dedicated to one of the worst industrial accidents in the nation’s history.



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